Selling Your Business

Considering to make a sale on your business is never an easy task especially when you set a fixed target prices as a goal. At Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers, we provide a well-planned advice and comprehensive support in conjunction with our years of experience within the field. 

Several factors are necessary to be taken into account when considering for a business sale

A good financial track record

Most potential buyers look for business with a tidy and clean financial records and presentation, in addition to that, profits generated from each year is also used as a basis for budgeting and prediction of the trajectory of the business.

Moving forward

A good financial health in terms of a smooth trajectory in any business is really crucial especially when it comes to the preparation of financial plan for sales. As it indicates the fundamental management team attitudes as well as the average profits generates to the buyers, the most stable and consistent a business financial report shows, the more attractive it is to the potential buyers. 

Clarify the real reason for selling your business

It is equally important to let the potential buyers know about the main reason of selling your business, as any sincere buyers or business partners would not like to invest in business that poses higher risks in credibility and accountability issues.

Evaluating your business conveys confidence

A professional financial plan and financial statement from Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers conveys a sens of confidence and reliability to potential business buyers. As in preparing and evaluating your business, we update you with the most current information from the market and pick up any flaws or strength within your business through a contrast with other businesses in the market, this enables you to better present your business to any potential buyers. 

Tax consideration

If interested in selling your businesses, Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers can help you to prepare a good business plan or financial report to better present your financial state. However, bear in mind that for every sale of a property, there is a Capital Gain Tax Liability subject to your special circumstances. Various types of asset are also subject to different tax rules and exemptions, it is important for you to get professional help and advice in order to ensure that you are entitled to the right on qualified exemptions and Tax Savings.

If you consider selling your business now or soon in the future, it is crucial for you to gain professional advice to your own benefits, come and talk to Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers, we would love to help you out by giving the best suitable recommendations on choices and options that are available to you.