Employed Individuals

Individual tax can be complicated, let Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers minimise your tax. 


Under the Australia PAYG system, the tax withheld from every employee is higher than the tax payable in accordance to the Australian Income Tax Act, however, exceptions exist.

  • Employee receives dividend interest or other forms of investment income
  • Business structure as in self-employed, partnership or beneficiary
  • A director of a company
  • Regular Rental income
  • Regular income payment from overseas
  • A sale has been made upon the disposal of an asset
  • You are no longer domiciled in Australia

If a business is not profitable and loss incurred, under that circumstance, a claim on tax return is still required even though there is no need for a tax return, as this would generate a tax loss that can be a reduction base for you to lower your tax liability, to find out more of the available options, please come and talk to Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers.

The PAYG is a payment summary that shows you the Total Earnings before tax withheld from your employer in the financial year.

Here are the common line items you will see form PAYG Summary Report

  • Allowance
  • Fringe benefits
  • Employer superannuation contributions
  • Termination payments
  • Workplace deductions

Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers offer tax services as following

  • Prepare and lodge your tax return on a yearly basis
  • Explain to you more about the requirements in lodging a tax return and provide any tax related advice
  • Provide invaluable advice on how to lodge a tax return even when there is a tax loss, as it can be carried forward and offset against any potential future taxable income
  • Help you to make sure that the tax-free threshold your employer uses to withhold tax is correct and you are entitled to your own right
  • If you are making a claim from multiple employments, confusion and errors may often occur; declare your HELP debt when your taxable income reaches the respective threshold. Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers are here to help you to update all these complex details and proceed the filing of a new TFN declaration for you
  • Any expenses that incurred as a result of being employed, Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers can ensure that you are entitled to the right amount of deduction and refund.

Should you find yourself struggling with any of the above situations, come and talk to us Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers

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