Online Accounts

The general outline of Online Account provides a general outlook of the business such as your financial information at a given point in time. Online Account also displays a range of reports such as graphical display in different accounting figures that related to your business.

Elements in Online Accounts

  • General Sales (Account Receivables)
  • Products Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Purchases
  • Suppliers (Account Payables)
  • Cashflow Reports
  • GST Reports

It's handy to have new invoices printed out or emailed to your customer at a matter of seconds. All content, format and logo can be customised into your own preference that best suit your company image.

As soon as you have the accounts set up, you can access the dashboard that displays all your important information in a comprehensive graphical summary. From your Online Accounts, all documents can be shared on your discretionary with us, any queries about your transaction details that you would like to consult with us. Online Accounts provides an instant access that enables you to get help and Support from your Tax Ideas Accountant & Advisers in just a few seconds, whether that is through phone call, emails or online chats.

  • For instance, maintaining a record of payments is more convenient as for the additional feature of billing recycling function.
  • Keeping the billing collection under your control.

Online Accounts takes away the hassle of guesswork and put everything under your control. All information can be accessed, retrieved and even analysed quickly and easily. Online Accounts gives you the opportunity try out the best way of running your business – stimulates sales and boost your business activities. This software set you free from managing every little detail of your business accounts and provides you with a better mean in sharing information instantly with Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers, and to ensure that everything is on the right track within your business. 

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