Employment Law

Most business owners may be bombarded with all different tax legislation and are becoming aware of the alarmingly increase number of employees in demonstrating the awareness of their entitlement to the rights in the employee protection law within Australia

  • Workplace Dismissal Rights
  • Discrimination Law
  • Breach of contract
  • The Fair Employment tribunals

Oftentimes, many employers have a shallow grasp and often misleading information from difference sources, and find themselves in a position where there is a desperate need in seeking professional advice. Many new business start-up owners have a lack of the professional knowledge or experience to help them to successfully navigate within the employment law regime.

Most common relationship problems

  • Employment terms is mutually at will
  • There is no union involved in labour law at workplaces.
  • Wage & hour issues
  • Firing & Retention problems
  • Safety requirements

Tax Ideas Accountants & Advisers provides consultation service on employment law which gives employers a better understanding of the employment law and provides an analysis to them upon the situation where they find themselves in.

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