Finding The Right Accountant For You

Choosing an accountant is like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant needs to be someone you like and trust, someone you can depend on, who will not only be able to offer you advice and guidance, but also understand you and your business enough to help you grow.

So how do we find a right accountant?

If you’re looking to for a tax professional to do your returns, it is important to meet face to face to get to know the tax agent and develop a positive mutual relationship. A good tax professional should always have the client’s best interests in mind within fair reason. This does not necessarily mean they should do anything and everything legal or illegal to try and get the client a good return. A good tax professional will represent both the Australian Taxation Office as well as the client. They will help the client get the best return they possibly can, however, at the same time they will also be required to advise the client of their tax obligations and to not do anything illegal or immoral.

If you are a business owner, you may be not only looking for a tax professional, but also someone who can offer you ongoing services such as lodging business activity statements, payroll, bookkeeping, etc.

Referrals are usually a great way to begin when you are on the search for a new accountant, however you will also need to keep in mind the location you are willing to travel to. If you are doing a quick online search for local accountants, reviews are an important factor to take into consideration, however, it is also vital to book an appointment to meet them face to face for an initial consultation.

Good accountants will usually do a little more than average to manage your accounts and complete your tax return forms, however the best accountants will always be more proactive. Choose an accountant or accounting firm who will contact you every quarter to request information for lodging your business activity statements or your tax returns. The best accountants will always get in contact with you if they believe they can get you a better return if they provide them more information.

If you are currently on the search for an accountant, tax professional or financial adviser, we may be able to help you! Come in and meet one of our fantastic professionals today!

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